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ClearCut ORTHO is an Osteopractic Physical Therapy Clinic located near downtown Fort Worth in the medical district. Our physical therapists specialize in all neural, muscular, and skeletal conditions and offer private, individual, personalized care. Our goal is to provide the most honest answers, most evidence based treatments, and most holistic approach to your diagnosis and care. Because of this our outcomes rank significantly faster than national averages for a variety of pain conditions.


  • Several medical doctors have told me that I need a total shoulder replacement. I suffered a lot of pain and limited range of motion. I moved to Fort Worth to be with family thinking I would get the surgery. Dr. Wheeler has worked extensively with me primarily to avoid the very traumatic surgery.

    Greg G.
    happy client of ClearCut ORTHO Fort Worth
  • I have chronic back pain and surgery is not an option. I have been seeing Dr. Wheeler for the past month and I can see improvement already. I have had therapy over the past 8 years and this is by far the most comprehensive approach in my treatment. I am glad to be under his care.

    Jennifer N.
    happy client of ClearCut ORTHO Fort Worth
  • I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Wheeler! After two years of struggling with a hamstring problem, I found Dr Wheeler. Dr. Wheeler took the time to listen to my concerns, analyze what I was telling him and get to the bottom of the problem. After only one month of working with Dr. Wheeler, I am already tons better than I have been in years. Also, I live five hours from Fort Worth so scheduling is a bit of a chore, but it is absolutely worth it!

    Kelly B.
    happy client of ClearCut ORTHO Fort Worth
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Featured Techniques

  • Personalized Program Fort Worth & Plano, TX
    Personalized Program

    ClearCut ORTHO provides one-on-one hour treatment sessions. No more being treated by techs, unqualified assistants, or with multiple other patients. This full hour with a clinician is very rare in healthcare. It puts us in a unique position to be able to cover a wide range of treatments, manual therapies, mobility exercises, coaching, education, and relaxation within every visit. Research shows that this is the kind of time and effort it takes from the patient and provider to make important and lasting changes in lifestyle, pain, and dysfunction.

  • Holistic Approach Fort Worth & Plano, TX
    Holistic Approach

    We work to search for the true underlying causes of all pain and dysfunction, as well as treating current symptoms. For every patient that walks in, there is a percent of their symptoms that can be allocated to a variety of factors, including: nutritional, genetic, environmental, activity related, biomechanics, strength and power, efficiency of movement, ergonomics, soft tissue related, joint related, and other neural and reflexive components. We will address as many as possible in every visit based on the patient's individual needs and goals.

  • Proven Faster Healing Fort Worth & Plano, TX
    Proven Faster Healing

    Our diverse tools and treatment approaches allow us to get you better significantly faster than other clinics and providers. How do we know this? We track our outcomes and compare them to the national average for a variety of pain conditions. At most outpatient clinics you'll see a therapist every few visits, or for a few minutes during each session. At ClearCut ORTHO you'll see a therapist for the entire time, and won't repeat exercises or stretches that you can easily be doing by yourself at home.

  • Honest Answers Fort Worth & Plano, TX
    Honest Answers

    We explain every aspect of the chemical, mechanical, and neural components that make up your pain or dysfunction based on the latest research. Some clinics create a patient dependency on the practitioner by telling them that something is "out of alignment or out of place", that they need frequent "maintenance visits" to keep the condition from perpetually coming back, or that they are "inherently unstable." For the vast majority of clients, these are proven false and only create fear avoidance patterns, decreased performance, and more money spent on unnecessary care.

  • Relaxing/Healing Atmosphere Fort Worth & Plano, TX
    Relaxing/Healing Atmosphere

    There has been a big shift recently in our profession to a psychological side of care that explains pain much more in depth and teaches patients how to overcome pain through an understanding of the science behind it, the regions of the brain affected, and various mental practice models with breathing, meditation, and mindfulness techniques at the center. These are appropriate and useful, especially in chronic pain, and will be addressed if needed. With this in mind it also makes sense that the place you are visiting to overcome these pain conditions needs to be conducive to relaxing, focusing, and healing as well.

  • Elite Training Fort Worth & Plano, TX
    Elite Training

    Whether for the weekend warrior, college or professional athlete, or elderly patient getting back to golf or gardening, every exercise program prescribed should be elite. We utilize the best research in planning mobility, strength, endurance, and skill activities, and employ the latest neuropriming techniques for quicker outcomes when learning new skills and movement patterns. We also conveniently offer telehealth services to quickly follow up with any questions you have on these activities and movements without having to come back in for a full treatment session.


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