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Functional Capacity Evaluations

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is used by employers to determine an individual’s functional abilities, limitations, work capacity, and in some cases how severe an injury may impact overall work function. This is all done in the context of a safe environment while focusing on productive work tasks.

The FCE service we provide is a valuable tool in assessing an employee’s safe working abilities and/or establishing baseline abilities for disability evaluations. Our FCE correlates a client’s functional abilities to the essential physical demands of their job to determine whether they meet these physical demands.

The consistency of effort and reliability of pain ratings are important elements of our evaluation, which is why over 70 separate criteria throughout the FCE help determine if a client is putting forth a consistent effort and whether their subjective pain ratings are reliable. Additionally, the Functional Capacity Evaluation testing method we use has consistently stood up in a court of law with reliability and validity research to support the testing method.

Extensive physical and evaluative testing is performed that will answer many of the following questions, depending on the employee’s specific case:

  1. Can this person return to work safely?
  2. How severe is the client’s pain?
  3. What type of job can a person physically handle?
  4. What are a candidate’s safe lifting tolerances?
  5. What work accommodations could be made to allow this person back to work?
  6. What is the next appropriate step in regards to rehabilitation?
  7. What are the candidate’s cardiovascular and physical endurance limitations for working?
  8. What are positional tolerances for standing, sitting, walking?


There are different levels and lengths of FCE’s depending on the needs of the employer and employee. Contact the ClearCut ORTHO Physical Therapy Specialists in Fort Worth, TX today to learn how we can help your employees return to work quickly and safely, and which test will be most helpful to your business!