Running Technqiues Analysis and Training Fort Worth & Plano, TX

Running Technqiue Analysis & Training

Many running injuries can be caused by deficiencies in running technique and training errors. A poor running technique can also be an impediment to overall running performance. With this in mind, we offer a two-hour running technique analysis for athletes of any level.

Our Running Technique Analysis is divided into three portions:

  1. The interview/assessment portion
  2. A treadmill walk/run video analysis portion
  3. Development of a corrective exercise prescription of individualized running specific exercises designed to improve form and function with gains in running efficiency and performance.


The first portion of the session is an initial physical evaluation consisting of a detailed one on one interview discussing current running related problems, past injuries, medical history, footwear, and present running level and training goals. A training assessment follows, with specific attention to global posture and alignment, biomechanical evaluation, muscular imbalances, and musculoskeletal mobility and extensibility.

The second portion of the running evaluation consists of slow-motion video analysis of your walking and running at a variety of speeds. Your movement patterns and technique will be assessed with attention to running cadence, stride length, forward lean, vertical displacement, head/arm/trunk movements and any major bilateral differences in cadence, foot strike, and body position.

The third portion of the running evaluation consists of the development of an individualized corrective exercise program. The exercises will assist the individual with the improvement of running mechanics and form. There will be exercises to improve stability, alignment and the movements of running. Musculoskeletal mobility and stability and strengthening exercises will be prescribed to improve running form, function efficiency and performance.

The goal of this assessment is to:

  • Eliminate recurring running pain syndromes
  • Ensure you’re doing everything you can to have a successful training
  • Learn strengthening and flexibility exercises to remain injury free
  • Learn exercises to stabilize ankles, knees and hips
  • Get ideas for injury prevention
  • Receive advice and solutions for recurring injuries
  • Receive running form analysis to improve your stride

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