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Weight Loss

The weight loss training at ClearCut ORTHO in Fort Worth is designed to help you with all aspects of your weight loss journey. Our highly trained staff are here to motivate, educate, and support you every step of the way. The program focuses on three basic principles: Exercise, Nutrition, and Recovery. Balancing these three principles is key to your weight loss success. Our weight loss programs are individually designed based on a comprehensive initial assessment and usually include a blend of cardio, functional movement and strength training. In addition, we offer nutritional guidance and can refer you out if more in-depth nutritional counseling is required. We also have in-house medical oversight to assist along the way should any medical or orthopedic conditions arise.

Why should I get assistance in setting up a weight loss program?

Losing weight seems simple at first…more calories burned, less calories eaten. In some ways, that’s true, but in the world of weight loss not every exercise is created equal, and not every healthy meal will meet your needs. Sometimes the smallest details can be the difference between seeing true lasting results vs going back and forth with losing and gaining. To complicate things even more, many times these answers depend on your individual body type, age, genetics, and environment. Our knowledgeable trainers can help guide you through this journey.

What can I expect during my initial weight loss session?

During your initial meeting working with a personal trainer, he or she will begin the process of getting to know you. It is this information along with your trainer’s expertise and experience that will assist them in developing a customized program for you. Depending on your fitness goals, your trainer may administer a variety of assessments during the initial session or may reserve some assessments until a point in your program that is more appropriate. The assessments that are ultimately selected are done so in line with your fitness goals and are used to establish a baseline for progress comparison further down the road. Assessments are also used to gauge your current level of fitness, which can assist the trainer in developing your customized program (in terms of selecting proper exercise intensity, appropriate weight for strength training exercises, etc) and meeting your health and fitness needs. Examples of assessments that may be conducted include body composition assessments, movement screens, and postural assessments.

How many times a week do I have to meet with a trainer?

Just like the program itself, how many times you meet with a trainer is a very individualized decision that depends on a variety of factors, including your fitness goals and your motivation level. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of a quality personal trainer is to promote self-efficacy within the client, enabling them to take ownership of their exercise experience. It is for this reason that a good trainer will seek to truly educate clients (about things such as proper form, appropriate intensity, ways to stay motivated, ways to progress, etc) as opposed to just simply putting clients through a workout without having them understand the rationale as to why certain exercises were selected, and how the developed program relates back to their health and fitness goals.

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