Our Practice


ClearCut ORTHO is an Osteopractic Physical Therapy Clinic located near downtown Fort Worth in the medical district. We specialize in all neural, muscular, and skeletal conditions and offer private, individual, personalized care. Our goal is to provide the most honest answers, most evidence-based treatments, and most holistic approach to your diagnosis and care. Because of this, our outcomes rank significantly faster than national averages for a variety of pain conditions.


Established in 2016, ClearCut ORTHO began with eBooks and Telehealth Services to help guide patients through what can be a confusing journey of understanding their orthopedic diagnosis and treatment options. We helped give patients the tools and questions they need to guide the conversation with their healthcare provider, seek out second opinions, and compare long term success of various treatment options.

Along the way, we realized, though, that providing the patient with accurate information was only half the battle and that there was a rising need for honest answers, transparent pricing, and quality treatment in healthcare. On top of that, we saw that 99% of physical therapy clinics force multiple patients to be treated at the same time and provide up to half of that treatment time by techs and aids. It creates a situation where the patient and provider are both frustrated and performing at sub-par levels.

We decided then to create an independent, private, and locally owned practice that is focused on one-on-one care from expert therapists to help patients achieve their best possible outcomes. For more information, Contact Us Today at Fort Worth & Plano, TX Centers.