Dr. Joe Sahl, Physical Therapist

Joe Sahl started his physical therapy career, graduating from the University of Florida in 1970, along with his wife Kathie, where he later received his PhD in 2001. Over the years, he has had many experiences in Sports, Orthopedics, and Neurological rehabilitation, achieving specializations in many areas of physical therapy as well as owning STARS Physical Therapy for over 20 years.

With all of his experience and expertise, Joe, developed a passion for teaching other young professionals as a Clinical Instructor and Adjunct Professor. He also has published and presented work in many topics of physical therapy ranging from Gait, Falls, Amputee Rehab, Posture, and Ergonomics.

Joe loves to make a personal connection with his patients and enjoys helping people achieve their goals. When not in the clinic, Joe enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and family.

  • Physical Therapist, PT, PhD
  • Owner of STARS Physical Therapy
  • Specializing in Orthopedic Rehab
  • Specializing in Neurological Conditions
  • MDT Trained in Spinal Diagnosis/Treatment