Dr. Kenneth Utzinger, Physical Therapist

It has been a long and winding road. Ken’s first real job was as a radioman in the US Navy in Viet Nam in 1971-2.  After a 21-year Navy active duty and reserve career, he graduated from Metropolitan State College with a BA in Athletic training in 1988 and then a BS in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado School of Health Sciences Center in 1990.  He served as a physical therapist in the US Army from 1991-95 and then transferred to the Army Reserve.  He earned his MS in Sports Sciences from the University of Denver in 1994.  Ken was recalled to active duty in the Army and served as the first US Army Reserve physical therapist to be deployed to an active war zone with a National Guard Brigade Combat team in 2004-5. During his tenure in the military, Ken earned many badges and medals, including a Bronze Star.

In the middle of all that he owned his own physical therapy clinic in Odessa, TX for about 17 years.  He moved to Fort Worth, TX.  In December 2019, Ken completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy with an emphasis in manual therapy from the prestigious University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences.  Ken Utzinger met Dr. Ken Wheeler, the owner of ClearCut Ortho, when he was planning his third retirement.  Mr. Utzinger was immediately impressed with Dr. Wheeler’s clinical practice paradigm and told Dr. Wheeler he was quitting his current job to work for ClearCut Ortho.

At age 70, Ken still loves his work.  When not treating patients his hobbies include enjoying his wife’s wonderful cooking, running marathons (Marathon Manic 8603 with a goal of finishing his 70th marathon while still 70) (50 States Marathon Club with 17 states done), any form of exercise (Army push-ups are good for everything), world travel with his wife, time with his grandchildren, and being spoiled by his wife.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Owner of Runner Repair Shop
  • Specializing in Manual Therapy
  • Runner Coaching, Rehab, and Analysis
  • US Army Master Fitness Trainer
  • MAJ, USAR (Ret)