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Clinical Precautions For Knee Pain Patients




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Clinical Precautions For Knee Pain Patients



Chapter Overview
Case Example

“Hands down the most accurate way to educate yourself about your injury. Most of what I read on the internet was wrong.”

Barbara Z. 

(Disc Bulge Patient)

“You’re not just getting information; you’re gaining peace of mind.”

Stephen H. 

(Chronic Pain Patient)

“I was able to have the confidence to ask for a second opinion and avoid surgery. Thank you!”

Pat R. 

(Stenosis Patient)

the clearcut difference

The Research You Never Hear About From Providers

Easy to understand “ClearCut” summaries of the latest quality research regarding surgery/injections/imaging vs. conservative care.

Guidance About Your Symptoms

An honest, multidisciplinary approach to understanding the wide variety of symptoms and pain sources that can present with each condition.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Self-doubt and fear interfere with our ability to achieve or set goals. Self-doubt and fear are the voices in our head telling us,  

Self Help

Questions patients can ask themselves to aid in the differential diagnosis and potential treatment options.

Understand Conservative Care Options Better

An honest and non-threatening description of anatomy/physiology that inspires the reader about the strength and resilience of the body tissues.

Become An Advocate Of Your Own Healthcare Decisions 

Questions patients can ask their physician or surgeon to help guide the conversation away from unnecessary procedures.    


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