First Responders Rehab Fort Worth & Plano, TX

First Responders Rehab

First Responder Rehab, also known as Tactical Athlete Rehab, is rehabilitation for any job that experiences a high frequency of injuries as a result of highly intensive occupational demands. As rehabilitation professionals working with Firefighters, Law Enforcement, or Military personnel, we appreciate the unique set of physical demands that you encounter daily, and the need to be ready for peak physical performance at any moment.

Although the specific trauma that you may encounter cannot always be predicted, performance training, pre-habilitation, and rehabilitation after injury should all prepare you to perform within your required responsibilities. We understand the stress of dealing with the emotional component of being injured and that your job demands a full return to function to protect both you and those around you. We provide service members, fire, and police with specialized rehabilitation and support for peak performance and whole recovery.

With a strong emphasis on education throughout our First Responder Programs, you will become empowered to apply what you’ve learned and can use it in the field, and at home. We provide personalized rehabilitation for your specific job duties. Our goal is to create strong and independent patients by giving you the tools necessary to maintain your progress well after you are done with rehab. We also will work to accommodate your schedule as we understand you may work a 2nd or 3rd shifts or rotating work schedules.

Military, police, and fire department leaders look to ClearCut ORTHO to help get their injured first responders back to full function and to recover from injury. We look forward to helping police, fire and military personnel return to their essential roles. Our team of physical therapists thank you for your service and consider it an honor to help you reach your full potential.

Contact Us Today at Fort Worth & Plano, TX Centers to schedule an assessment so you can to return to work and safely perform all of your work responsibilities, as well as get back to all of the activities you enjoy outside of work.