NeuroPriming Fort Worth & Plano, TX


What is neuropriming?

Neural Priming (or transcranial direct current stimulation “tDCS”) involves stimulating parts of the brain (in this case the motor and pre-motor cortexes) with a device that gives off a very tiny amount of electricity. This electricity excites neurons and cells superficially along those parts of the brain and opens up a window of time where it can be more easily changed and altered. It doesn’t replace hard work, but there is a large body of research showing that pairing this technique with the right therapy can help the patient learn new tasks and motor control activities more quickly due to hyperplasticity in the brain. We are currently testing its efficacy for use with chronic pain patients prior to and during manual therapy treatments and mirror therapy to help alter the motor and sensory-motor cortexes.

What do neuroplasticity and hyperplasticity mean?

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s innate ability to adapt to training and learn new skills through creating new connections and pathways. This happens during any type of learning, from foreign languages to math, directions to the nearest cafe, and, for a patient or athlete, physical movement, strength, and coordination.

By stimulating the motor cortex during treatments (i.e Neuropriming), the brain enters into a state of heightened plasticity known as “HYPERplasticity,” during which the brain adapts to training at a faster rate than normal.

What can neuropriming help treat?

Because neuropriming can assist motor learning and plasticity, it has a wide range of possible effects. It has been tested on athletes, employees strengthening for return to work, patients with coordination issues from deconditioning, stroke, cerebellar disorders, chronic pain, and many more.

Is neuropriming safe?

Yes. The type of low-level stimulation described above, known as tDCS, is backed up by a decade of research — 2000 articles covering over 60,000 sessions all speak to the excellent safety profile of tDCS.

While extremely safe, not everyone will be a candidate for neuropriming. Your physical therapist will work closely with you to assess your goals, medical history, and functional status to determine the best course of therapy and what tools will assist you the most.

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