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Osteopractic Treatment

What is Osteopractic Treatment?

The term Osteopractic describes a treatment paradigm and specialist post-graduate training program that combines the most evidence-based treatments from various healthcare disciplines and offers them in one setting. It is considered the gold standard when looking for an extremely well-rounded healthcare provider to treat your neural, muscular, or skeletal conditions.

Treatments include both traditional therapies such as exercise and soft tissue work, as well as expertise in innovative therapies, such as dry needling, spinal manipulation, and differential diagnosis. A high emphasis is placed on this accurate diagnosis and the ability to retest progress not just between sessions, but within each session to analyze what the patient is responding to the best.

There is a growing need in orthopedics to produce faster and longer lasting outcomes, and to shift away from passive treatment modalities that produce no significant physiological changes. In response to this need many providers opt to complete post-graduate training like that of the Osteopractor title.

What is an Osteopractor?

The term Osteopractor describes a healthcare provider who has completed an evidence-based, post-graduate training program in the use of spinal and extremity high-velocity low-amplitude thrust manipulation, dry needling, instrument-assisted manual therapies, and differential diagnostics for the management of neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

This is a relatively new credential, trademarked by the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy and Spinal Manipulation Institute. The term Osteopractor literally translates to “bone practitioner”, and Osteopractors are highly trained in diagnosing and treating a wide range of disorders.

Dr. Wheeler was one of the first healthcare providers in the world to earn this Diploma in Osteopractic during his fellowship training.

Who is a good candidate for Osteopractic Care?

Prior to any treatment, our therapists will do an extensive evaluation of your medical history, function, and symptoms. After discussing in depth your goals for rehab they will determine the best course of action and what treatment techniques will achieve the fastest and longest lasting results. The techniques mastered during Osteopractic training will be a great benefit to any patient dealing with chronic pain, mystery pain conditions, muscle strains/sprains, joint pain or dysfunction, overuse injuries, headaches, myofascial pain or tightness, and many more.

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