Performing Arts Rehab Fort Worth & Plano, TX

Performing Arts Rehab

Like many athletes, performing artists often challenge and sometimes push their bodies to levels that put them at greater risk for injury. Performing artists rely upon their bodies to make their craft possible. Unfortunately, the stress and repetition of practicing and performing can take a toll on the body. But unlike the average athlete, performing artists are unable to wear bulky braces or too much tape – their body needs to reach an extreme range of motion, as well as maintain the strength of muscles and endurance. Our performing arts program was developed to support the physical demands of the performing artist and crew members by:

  • Our approach to performing arts medicine is to provide an individualized evaluation and design a rehabilitation program to help the musician, singer, dancer, and actor/actress return to full function. We treat all levels from students to professionals from the Pioneer Valley. We strive to help you achieve excellence in your profession and perform at an optimal level.
    Some techniques we may use include:
  • Myofascial release, massage, Graston Technique, joint and neural mobilization techniques
  • Breathwork and meditation techniques
  • Physical agent modalities for pain management including ultrasound, laser, and electrical stimulation
  • Instrumental technique evaluations with the development of strength, conditioning, and endurance training programs specific to your instrument
  • Posture training with musical instruments and computers
  • Posture and alignment in different dance positions
  • Pacing schedules for the resumption of musical instrument practice after injury

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