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Yoga Integrated Therapy

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and has spread throughout the world due to its many health benefits on various bodily structures and functions. Our way of life has created a busy and stressed lifestyle. These stresses lead to physical, mental and emotional imbalances. We, therefore, need some form of a balancing method to manage and alleviate the stress in our lives. Yoga can provide a way for individuals to attain a healthy lifestyle possibly eliminating the need for pharmacological or surgical interventions for many musculoskeletal conditions.

In recent years, yoga has been introduced in physical therapy interventions benefitting postural misalignments, muscle imbalances, the range of motion problems and strength development of different muscle groups. Patients are finding that yoga is beneficial and improves the overall functioning of the body. It is important to understand that the exact therapeutic effects of yoga alone or in conjunction with physical therapy are still being explored. What is known is that yoga can be a strong complement to conventional physical therapy. Here are four main areas where effects are noticed.

  • Improved muscle response

Fascia is strong connective tissue surrounding and separating muscles. It plays a role in posture, movement and sometimes pain after an injury or surgery. Yoga poses stimulate this tissue, in turn affecting the nervous system receptors within the fascia and relay information about the movement.

  • Faster Recovery

Although more research is needed there is evidence that yoga combined with physical therapy can lead to improved pain relief, less stiffness and improved overall function after total knee replacement surgeries and other surgeries.

  • Treat Multiple problems

When a physical therapist assesses a patient they often look at more than just the problem area and will assess multiple joints to target their treatment. Often, these muscle deficiencies in various locations can be challenged by one yoga pose. The physical therapist can utilize these yoga poses as more effective exercises and address multiple problems simultaneously.

  • Body and mind

Yoga has many branches, with the physical poses being only one. The emotional/psychological branch, which includes meditation and breath, is being used to help address many states of mind including anxiety, depression, trauma, and pain. Chronic and acute pain not only irritate the body but may contribute to other symptoms. By regulating your breathing and pain, you can have a powerful effect on improving your well-being.

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