Cristy K.


I had surgery on my foot for the 3rd time meaning my doctor would soon recommend me to physical therapy. I was a bit hesitant seeing that I’d been to 3 previous physical therapy clinics each to no avail.. but I was willing to try again in hopes that my foot would at least stop feeling pain I didnt care about my limp but the pain I wanted it gone… I’m glad I did.. Dr. Wheeler has exceeded my expectations, my physical therapy has gone very well.. Let me begin with saying I love the one on one approach I don’t go through two, three sometimes even four different people per exercise which is awesome.. anywho..when I arrive he always asks where my pain is, pain level, or if I’m feeling better he then proceeds to massaging my foot (he has a very classical approach I told him once the techniques he did reminded me of Chinese medicine) he doesn’t use the little machine that shocks you no, no he massages your foot which is much more effective. After that part of the therapy we begin the exercises, at first my exercises were fairly easy (and even that would hurt me bc my foot was so out of shape) and slowly he worked me up to more challenging exercises to strengthen my foot and has definitely worked I’ve seen so much improvement. I am now back at work I stand my entire shift but I feel much better.. the best I have felt in years!!! Sometimes I do feel a little shock of pain but now I know what exercises I need to do to combat the pain and instantly feel better… I am very pleased with the appearance of his office its very clean, tidy and well organized, he takes care of his plants answers all and any questions you may have, has coffee if you ever need any..or candy for your way out (thats me) My overall experience has been very pleasant and when any of my family members or friends ever need physical therapy I recommend Dr. Wheeler if it wasn’t for him I know I would still be in pain but I’m not and its all thanks to the way he performs these therapies.. Thank you so much.. no more pain and no more limp.