Joyce W.


I came to ClearCut ORTHO for my back pain due to scoliosis, as well as some injuries over the years from running and taekwondo. Because of my pain and symptoms I had to stop a lot of the activities that I really enjoy. Throughout the process I got very different answers from different providers on what I needed to do, and had some confusion on what treatments and exercises would actually benefit my back. The physical therapy provided here has given me a lot of knowledge about my body, what is safe to do, and what I can modify. My pain level has been reduced significantly and I’m really excited to get back to running and taekwondo again. Physical therapy, Dr. Wheeler in particular, has provided me with the tools to allow me to help myself on a regular and daily basis. I would absolutely recommend ClearCut ORTHO. They were very personable, caring, and knowledgeable.