Shannon S.


I came to ClearCut ORTHO for arthritis and degenerative disc disease. I felt like the pain in my back and hip just took over my day. It slowed me down with work, social life, and spending time with my husband. My MRIs showed degeneration in the back and SI joints and I had been told multiple times that I needed to accept that this pain would probably be there the rest of my life. Many of my providers blamed it all on my weight gain. I had been on a lot of pain medications for many years, but when I came here I felt like I actually had some hope and felt like the the staff really listened to my concerns. Since starting therapy I have significantly greater range of motion and there are activities now I can do that I couldn’t before. I can walk longer distances…Its the first time I’ve felt empowered. Even my pain management physician commented on how well I was doing. I felt like more was done in my time here than anywhere else I’ve done physical therapy in the past.