• neck-pain-stiffness

    I could not work, I could not ride in a car for more than 10 minutes. I was having some extreme shoulder and neck pain. After about a couple weeks of dry needling my neck and shoulders were greatly improved! I would recommend ClearCut ORTHO to anybody that wants somebody to listen to a specific problem and give them targeted exercises. I have had a great experience.

    Carole (Neck and Shoulder Pain)

  • arthritis-pain-back

    I came to ClearCut ORTHO for arthritis and degenerative disc disease. I felt like the pain in my back and hip just took over my day. It slowed me down with work, social life, and spending time with my husband. My MRIs showed degeneration in the back and SI joints and I had been told multiple times that I needed to accept that this pain would probably be there the rest of my life. Many of my providers blamed it all on my weight gain. I had been on a lot of pain medications for many years, but when I came here I felt like I actually had some hope and felt like the the staff really listened to my concerns. Since starting therapy I have significantly greater range of motion and there are activities now I can do that I couldn’t before. I can walk longer distances…Its the first time I’ve felt empowered. Even my pain management physician commented on how well I was doing. I felt like more was done in my time here than anywhere else I’ve done physical therapy in the past.

    Shannon S. (Arthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease)

  • back-pain-scoliosis

    I came to ClearCut ORTHO for my back pain due to scoliosis, as well as some injuries over the years from running and taekwondo. Because of my pain and symptoms I had to stop a lot of the activities that I really enjoy. Throughout the process I got very different answers from different providers on what I needed to do, and had some confusion on what treatments and exercises would actually benefit my back. The physical therapy provided here has given me a lot of knowledge about my body, what is safe to do, and what I can modify. My pain level has been reduced significantly and I’m really excited to get back to running and taekwondo again. Physical therapy, Dr. Wheeler in particular, has provided me with the tools to allow me to help myself on a regular and daily basis. I would absolutely recommend ClearCut ORTHO. They were very personable, caring, and knowledgeable.

    Joyce W. (Scoliosis and Back Pain)

  • knee-pain

    It was suggested to me that I needed to have a replacement knee, but I was very reserved about it. I did some research on conservative care, and in meeting Dr. Wheeler he began to do some therapy on my knees. My pain was excruciating, most days at 8/10, but after about 2 sessions my pain relief was extraordinary. I can now get up from seated positions much more easily. Therapy here has given me mobility that I didn’t have before. My friends are amazed at the difference in my walking. I would definitely recommend ClearCut ORTHO to everyone.

    Arnita C. (Foot and Knee Pain)

  • physical-therapy

    Dr. Ken Wheeler is an expert clinician who provides clear research and evidence-based treatments personally to his patients. You can’t do better in Arlington and Fort Worth

    Russell D. (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

  • foot-ankle-pain

    I had surgery on my foot for the 3rd time meaning my doctor would soon recommend me to physical therapy. I was a bit hesitant seeing that I’d been to 3 previous physical therapy clinics each to no avail.. but I was willing to try again in hopes that my foot would at least stop feeling pain I didnt care about my limp but the pain I wanted it gone… I’m glad I did.. Dr. Wheeler has exceeded my expectations, my physical therapy has gone very well.. Let me begin with saying I love the one on one approach I don’t go through two, three sometimes even four different people per exercise which is awesome.. anywho..when I arrive he always asks where my pain is, pain level, or if I’m feeling better he then proceeds to massaging my foot (he has a very classical approach I told him once the techniques he did reminded me of Chinese medicine) he doesn’t use the little machine that shocks you no, no he massages your foot which is much more effective. After that part of the therapy we begin the exercises, at first my exercises were fairly easy (and even that would hurt me bc my foot was so out of shape) and slowly he worked me up to more challenging exercises to strengthen my foot and has definitely worked I’ve seen so much improvement. I am now back at work I stand my entire shift but I feel much better.. the best I have felt in years!!! Sometimes I do feel a little shock of pain but now I know what exercises I need to do to combat the pain and instantly feel better… I am very pleased with the appearance of his office its very clean, tidy and well organized, he takes care of his plants answers all and any questions you may have, has coffee if you ever need any..or candy for your way out (thats me) My overall experience has been very pleasant and when any of my family members or friends ever need physical therapy I recommend Dr. Wheeler if it wasn’t for him I know I would still be in pain but I’m not and its all thanks to the way he performs these therapies.. Thank you so much.. no more pain and no more limp.

    Cristy K. (Ankle and Foot Pain)

  • knee-pain-tendonitis

    I came to Ken with knee pain in both knees, where putting weight on them was difficult and resulted in some pain and discomfort. Dr. Ken worked with me and explained my issues to me, and was able to put me through exercises that helped me find relief almost immediately. After a couple of months I fee almost at full strength again with nearly full mobility and comfort in motion. I could not be happier with the service Dr. Ken provided, and cannot recommend him highly enough! I went from being fearful of requiring surgery to being ready for a full tennis match again. Easy to make an appointment with flexible appointment options. He was very understanding of my issues and I knew he cared a great deal about getting me back into my desired comfort with my knees.

    Caleb G. (Patellar Tendonitis)

  • winging-scapula

    Ken Wheeler was my physical therapist at the hardest time of my life. I was diagnosed with winging scapula at the age of 15. At that point there weren’t many people who knew much about winging scapula/ how to treat it if it is long term. After having my long thoracic nerve decompression surgery on both sides, I began therapy with Ken. He took the time to learn as much as he could about my diagnosis/surgery in order to provide me with the best care possible. He changed my life and allowed me to continue to do the things I love. Ken will go out if his way to learn what he needs to for your treatment. He is a great therapist and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing physical therapy.

    Jordan F. (Thoracic Outlet and Nerve Damage)

  • shoulder-pain

    When I was looking for a PT to help me care for my shoulder, post- surgery, I needed someone who wasn’t going to treat me like a piece of meat and would be up-to-date with current research. Additionally, Ken really listen to my concerns and modified our treatment to fit my needs. I felt very cared for in Ken’s hands.

    Rey A. (Shoulder Surgery - AC Joint Repair)

  • arthritis-pain-back

    I have seen Jeff and Ken after falling and not walking very well. They have given me exercises to help the muscles involved. I am walking better — not using the cane, except when I am walking at somewhere new.

    Carolyn L. (Fall Prevention and Back Pain)

  • hamstring-and-back-pain

    I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Wheeler! After only one month with Dr. Wheeler, I am making more progress than I have in 2 years with other docs and PT’s for my hamstring problem. Dr. Wheeler not only listens, but he really spends time analyzing the issue to come up with a plan to resolve it. And, he monitors progress and modifies the plan as needed to keep improvement happening. Also, I live five hours from Fort Worth so scheduling is a bit of a chore, but it is absolutely worth it! With his help, I will not only continue running but I will excel at my next marathon and Iron Man competitions. Thank you, Dr. Wheeler!

    Kelly B. (Low Back Pain and Referred Pain)

  • shoulder-pain

    Several medical doctors have told me that I need a total shoulder replacement. I suffered a lot of pain and limited range of motion. I moved to Fort Worth to be with family thinking I would get the surgery. My son in law, who is a physical therapist, referred me to an Orthopedic/Neurological Physical Therapist, Dr. Ken Wheeler at ClearCut Ortho. I have a balance problem and a paralyzed right hand. Dr. Wheeler has worked extensively with me primarily to avoid the very traumatic surgery.

    Greg G. (Shoulder Pain and Ataxia)

  • tmj-headaches

    Dr. Wheeler has been working with me for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and neck/upper back pain. He is an attentive listener and has provided many useful stretches and exercises that I can do at home in addition to his treatment during my visits. One thing that I have found to be extremely useful is the use of printed pictures and personalized instructions on how to do each stretch/ exercise. I appreciate the time he has taken to answer my questions thoroughly.

    Elaine S. (TMJ Pain and Headaches)

  • foot-and-heel-pain

    I have nothing but praise for Dr. Wheeler. He is very knowledgeable and explains all exercises. He has really brought me tremendous relief for heel pain. I highly recommend this young man.

    Lynne Z. (Heel and Foot Pain)

  • low-back-pain

    I have chronic back pain and surgery is not an option. I have been seeing Dr. Wheeler for the past month and I can see improvement already. Dr. Wheeler has taken the time to listen and has a different approach for each session. I know all my progress is being addressed with the hope of having me function without so much pain. I have had therapy over the past 8 years and this is by far the most comprehensive approach in my treatment. I am glad to be under his care.

    Jennifer N. (Low Back Pain)

  • neck-pain-stiffness

    Dr. Ken Wheeler is a fantastic physical therapist! I started seeing him with severe neck pain caused by 3 herniated discs and he has helped me avoid both injections and surgery. He is extremely knowledgeable about how the human body works and why pain exists. He will listen to you and take the time to understand exactly what is going on. He has performed ‘dry needling’ on me with excellent outcomes. He has performed manipulations, massage, soft tissue work and traditional PT with success as well. Overall I have become more mobile and have much less pain. I am so thankful that I do not require surgery! I highly recommend Dr. Wheeler!

    Lori M. (Neck Pain and Stiffness)

  • hip-pain

    In 2016, I had bilateral total hip replacements, one in June and the other in December. During recovery, Ken Wheeler worked with what I needed for my life and he challenged me in every visit to meet my goals. Ken taught me how to walk without a limp, ride my bicycle, and get back on my horse. When treatment didn’t work for me he would find a way to modify the treatment and help build my strength up so I could keep up with my teenage boys and husband. If you’re looking for a physical therapist, Ken Wheeler is the best I know. I thank him for getting me back to work as a registered nurse and living an active life. Most days I forget that I’ve had my hips replaced!

    Sarah M. (Hip Replacement)